| 11:19 - 01.08.2015

10 Reasons Why Kosovo Is The Best Country To Live

Kosovo might be the best country in Europe to live. The state is beautiful, safe, cheap and kind. Here is a list with 10 reasons why Kosovo is the best place to live.

1) Incredible nature

The nature in Kosovo is incredible. Mountains surround you and there are 10-reasons-incredible-naturewaterfalls to visit. Although the weather can already be very warm in April, there still might be snow on the top of the mountains.

2) Their coffee is great

Although Caffè Macchiato is an Italian invention, rumors around the internet are clear: the coffee in Kosovo is great. And in case you don’t like it, the price is just between 50 cents and a euro.

3) People are so friendly

The kind atmosphere in Kosovo is amazing. Everywhere you go, people greet you respectfully and ask how you are. They might ask in three to five kosovo-religiondifferent ways how you are, before they will start talking. Just smile, if you don’t understand their questions.

4) Mild form of practicing faith

The majority of Kosovars have a religious background, most of them will consider themselves Muslim, and some of them Catholic. In general, everyone practices their faith in a mild form. Extreme ways of practicing religion is very rare. Believers of different religions live in harmony together.

5) Young people everywhere

Kosovo has the youngest population in Europe, and that means young people everywhere. So you never have to search longer than two Gjakova-old-town-barsminutes to find a bar or café.

6) Shops open for long hours

Little shops and supermarkets are open for long hours. Many of them, even seven days a week till late night. So, no worries when you suddenly have guests coming over, or when you have forgotten to buy milk for the baby.

7) Delicious food

Feeling hungry? Kosovo is the place to eat very cheap and good. A good thing to try qebab. For just a euro or a bit more, they offer you fresh bread, meat and vegetables. You can find a qebabtore on every street corner.

8) Flexible attitude on the road

While driving in Kosovo, people are very flexible. Does another car block a part of the road? No worries, Kosovars drive around it, without complaining or horning. In general, people in Kosovo don’t drive like people in the West, but they do treat other drivers in a calmly way.

9) Popular Albanian beaches are close

Kosovo offers several tourism highlights, including nature parks, statues, religious heritage and traditional centers. In case you want to see more, neighboring albanian-coastcountries with their great cities and beaches are just around the corner.

10) Kosovars love kids

Kids are king in Kosovo. And this is very handy. Many cafés, restaurants and supermarkets offer spaces for kids to play and have fun. And if not: Kosovars love kids, so if you bring your child to Kosovo, don’t be surprised if they get lots of attention and kindness from waiters or supermarket managers./kosovo-info/

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