| 16:37 - 21.09.2015

‘Dialogue needed between coalition, opposition’

Prishtina – Kosovo Assembly will be facing not an easy job during its autumnal session.

The first hearing of this session was halted after the usual activities of the assembly were hindered and some of the opposition commissions abandoned the hearing.

Analyst Imer Mushkolaj thinks that if opposition continues with this approach, then one cannot refer ti Assembly works as a normal development.

According to Mushkolaj the parliamentary majority should not ignore the approach of the opposition.
Professor of constitutional law, Mazllum Baraliu, the relations between the Parliament and Government sees as unconstitutional, because according to him, rather than the Parliament controlling the Government, in Kosovo it is occuring the opposite.
Baraliu says that the Assembly is inferior towards the Government and is influenced heavily by its agenda. However, Baraliu states that the opposition should be argumentative and not blocking and boycotting.

Meanwhile, Albert Krasniqi from KDI, which monitors the works of the Assembly, said that the opposition will have to find other forms of opposition to agreements or other matters it considers harmful for the country.

Last week, the opposition blocked the continuation of the first meeting of the autumn session of the Assembly, since it did not accept the request of Prime Minister Mustafa to postpone his reporting in front of MPS, regarding the agreements reached in Brussels./RTK/

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