| 14:45 - 06.07.2016

European Commission seeks punishment of corruption

Brusseles – A registry of convicted cases of high-profile corruption remains among the conditions that the European Commission has towards Kosovo, as part of the visa liberalization criteria.

However the latest register of the Judicial Council of Kosovo contains data about the last 6 months, mentions cases of people holding lower positions, but who got convicted for high profile corruption. .

According to the European Commission, the Kosovo Judicial Council has prepared a preliminary list of cases sentenced to corruption, but the registry with high-profile cases is still poor.

According to the Judicial Council data, the courts in Kosovo have inherited 429 cases of corruption with a total of 1100 people. Only in the first three months of the year, 51 new charges of corruption were added to the register.

Back in May, the European Commission proposed visa liberalization for Kosovo to the Council of the European Union. However, among the non-fulfilled criteria still remain the rule of law and punishment of high-profile corruption cases.

Judicial Council figures show prosecution and courts in Kosovo score poorly when it comes to addressing high-profile corruption cases.

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