Write for the devils,
paradise or angels,
praise the silence,
hate the sin.
Undress lies,
uncover the swindlers,
play with art,
be manly.
Help neediest,
save the necessitous,
cast light on nakedness,
attack injustice.
Sing for the martyrs,
be proud of the poets,
demasque the fake ones,
bypass the promising …
My brother,
dear sister,
these are the obligations,
of the sincere man,
lover of the homeland,
real *Pellazg.
Should everything be done,
for the suffering people,
the trampled youth ,
killed hopes!
Listened must be the voice,
cleans the conscience,
offering assistance,
to ordinary man.
There are many need in my homeland
hidden are, shamed, careful,
after midnight they say, bread we ask in the containers!
Empty stomach tread children
feed should be at dawn.
Praised be the golden pen,
write about orphans, fallen martyrs,
please life, heroes of war,
knock strong, as strong as you can,
to find the missing!
The duty is yours, born pen,
raise the voice of sovereignty-never well enjoyed,
Eagle land needs the emigrants,
your obligation is, my Albanian brother…

*Pellazg- Albanian predecessor

Tyran Prizren Spahiu
Poetic verse X

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