Montenegro Albanians unite in elections, seeking power


Podgorica – The three main Albanian parties in Montenegro have decided to run together in the October elections in a coalition.

This, according to experts, sets a pattern that Albanians in nearby Macedonia would do well to follow.

For the first time, the three main ethnic Albanian parties in Montenegro will in run the next general elections in the country as a coalition, in order to get more seats in parliament and so boost the fight for their national rights.

Leaders of the three parties – Forca [Strength], the Union of Albanians, UDSH, and the Albanian Alternative party – said their platform would focus on “protection of the Albanian identity in Montenegro, the protection and promotion of the Albanian language and national symbols, strengthening education in Albanian, decentralization and improvement of the social and economical ethnic community”.

According to the 2011 census, 30,439 Albanians live in Montenegro making up 4.91 per cent of Montenegro’s population.

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