| 22:13 - 23.06.2014

Montenegro ‘Cannot Detain’ Suspected Serbian Narco-Boss

Montenegrin police said that alleged drug lord Dragoslav Kosmajac entered the country after fleeing Serbia but could not be detained because there is no warrant for his arrest.

A senior source in the Montenegrin police told BIRN on Monday that Kosmajac, who has been accused of being a narcotics kingpin in Serbia, entered the country freely on Friday because Belgrade has so far not called for his arrest.

“Because no arrest warrant has been issued for him, we could not arrest him. We do not have any official information that any country is seeking his arrest, and he legally entered the territory of Montenegro,” the police source said.

Kosmajac is reported to have fled Serbia after being named on Friday by Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic as the biggest drug lord in the country.

The Montenegrin police source could not confirm reports that he used a Slovakian passport to cross the border.

Montenegrin media reported that Kosmajac was seen in the costal town of Herceg Novi on Sunday and that a police patrol tried to arrest him and his son Luka Kosmajac.

Vucic denounced Kosmajac at a dramatic press conference on Friday when he announced the dismissal of all the country’s police chiefs because of the failure to fight the narcotics cartels operating in Serbia.

The Serbian premier said he alone was not afraid to name the biggest drug lord in Serbia.

“Everyone is keeping quiet about officials from the police and other services’ contacts with Kosmajac. I have called for action to be taken against him but this has not been done to this day,” Vucic said.

According to Belgrade media reports, Kosmajac was being monitored by Serbian police and the country’s Security Information Agency for four years, and also by the United States’ Drug Enforcement Administration./balkaninsight/

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