Prizren, the ancient and historicity near the Lumebardhi River


Prizren, the ancient and historicity near the Lumebardhi River, under the edges of Sharri Mountains, is one of the oldest cities with a long and rich history. During the Roman period it was called Theranda, while during the Byzantine period its name was Prizdrijana. In the past these areas served as regional road which connected Lezha with Nish.

During the middle age, this road was called “Via de Zenta”, while in the 19th century Prizren was the second most important economical center of trading in all Albanian lands, with approximately 1500 shops.

In the past and during the bright historical development phase, as is written and told from residents of Prizren, the city lived many ups and downs.

The greatest development is said to be lived in the 14th century, during the Ottoman era of raj, where the city becomes a large opened trading center, the metropolis of state and the light of craft, culture as well as art.

For Prizren it is said to be the “Museum city” or the city of sources and of beauties. In other words Prizren was the richest Kosovar city with cultural memorials. The state protects more than 65 immobile memorials, and over 600 mobile historical and cultural memorials.

Prizren residents are mostly Albanians, Turkish, Bosnians and others, that together create a bright future of the city.

Prizren is the city you should visit, in which you should stop and see the monuments, the regional beautifulness, and you should live the hospitality of the citizens of Prizren.

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