Turkish Foreign Policy on Syria And Fırat Shield Operation

Monday, September 5th 2016


Recently, we have lived the military coup attempt against the Minister Of Republic Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who is choosen by the national freewill, and a terrorist group who leaked to our army tried to stop our powerful government that under our prime minister Binali Yıldırım leadership. Nowadays there is caos trying against the Brasillian government too and the Brasilian people keep the Turkish flags because the Turks have stopped that evile military coup in nearly one night. Someone is trying to mix Brasilia too, we don’t know…

In other words, the power who administrate the wars on the earth, tried to occupy Turkey because of the strong improving on Turkish economy and technologic developments like big environmental projects, military technologies. Moreover, Turkey started to be a big regional power on middle east and this is didn’t liked by some people who has got some project in the middle east.

USA is in the Syria for years but anybody uneasy or irritated about it. The Russian army is on the region but nobody worry about them. There are a lot of terrorist groups PKK, YPG, SDG, Daesh, Free Pokemon… The theatre is, Daesh will come and bomb everthing then the YPG hero’s will come and save the region from bad men… The most powerful forces in the world the America and the coalition forces, Russia are in Syria but they couldn’t defeat the yankee jehaders of ISIS… Couldn’t succeed they or didn’t want to succeed!

America defeated the Saddam’s army, but couldn’t distrubute and defeat the Toyoto jehaders ISIS? USA wishes the everybody stupid without them… A mind who still living currently, just can say this issue…

There are more than 3 millions of Syrian refugees in Turkey and the Turkish government doing millions of dollars spending for them. Turkey said that we need a guarded region on Syrian border as much as stop the refugees and keep them on safe. America, Russia, Europe never listen this Turkey’s right call. Millions of people lost their home in Syria, they died on migration roads. Why? Because the strongest powers on Syria! They never listen to Turkey.

But, what happened? Turkey, suddenly has entered to Syria Cerablus, and clean all the Daesh terrorists, they abandoned from the region never look their back… Only in 24 hours, Turkish military has defeated all the Daesh terrorism in region of CErablus. The free Syrian army and Turcmans supported the Turkish Army when the tanks are going on the terrorism. And the Syrian people were happy and on safe first time.

But the real evile terrorism who created ISIS and others, they weren’t satisfied or pleased for Turkish military’s operation of “Fırat Shield”. Because their calculation was different. They want to kill the poor Syrian people immediately by non-muslim the new generation Crusaders the yankee jehaders who works with the money, then when they discharge the region from the real Syrian people they give direction to the secular mercanary YPG and you must know that YPG is a non- real muslim Kurdish fighters they only a different name of PKK terrorism.

Never think that the reality is the thing that you watching on TV, or you reading on newspapers. The “evil mind” wanted to a new buffer zone for Turkey. Because the target is Turkey. So, Turkey surrounded by YPG with some cantons on Northern Syria. They tried to cut the Arab-islamic world with Turk-islamic world. At first, they tried to stop Turkey with the Taksim Gezi Parc actions against to government of Republic Turkey. Then they were’nt succeed. They tried a military coup with some terrorist group in Turkish army, they lost again. Now, they tried to start a civil war on Turkey. Everyday, PKK and Daesh attacking some cities of Turkey. Why?

But we see that, Turkey defeated the military coup, and struggle with PKK on SouthEast of Turkey. At the same time, Turkey succed on Fırat Shield operation on Syria. This show us, the evil powers can not break the Turkish gambit…

In addition, almost the all forces has entered to Syria, Europe wasn’t worried about it but when Turkey entered to Cerablus against to the Daesh and YPG terrosim suddenly USA, Europe worried about it. Why? Because they don’t want to stop Daesh, they want to a new middle east hearitage in order to rebuild as Sykes-Picot borders… But with their mainstream media they will say Turkey is supporting Daesh. If you got it swallow.

Lately tehere was a meeting between Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkish Republic Mevlut Cavusoglu and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Netherlands Bert Koenders. Mr. Koenders said that Turkey is interfering the internal affairs of Netherland! But the Turkish minister answered excellent to this issue. Mr. Cavusoglu said that, when the Netherlands and any member of Europe were trying to give democrasy lessons to Turkey they aren’t interfering to infernal affairs of Turkey, but when Turkey only voiced somethings about some citizens who living on Netherland or anywhere of Europe, Turkey has been interfering the internal affairs of your country! This is bullshit!”

Ask this question to your own conscience, isn’t that right? Europe must understand that, Turkey is not waiting the diseased European Union anymore. Just international relations needs some interests. And Turkey will be very different than yesterday…

Harun Karahanlı – International Relations on Middle East

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